Letter for Austin Kleon


Letter for Austin Kleon

Dear Mr. Kleon,
“Steal Like an Artist” opened my eyes to the possiblities to “steal”. It has become a new source for ideas as well as to imporve my work. My self confidence in my work has improved immensly throughout reading this book. It has provided a sense of escape to know that I can create my own voice with an idea of someone else. Reading it has also made me love and create new inspirations through the creative and amazing quotes it has provided.

My favorite chapter of the book had to be the Geography chapter because it included that travel is an important part to ge inspired and create. I would recommend this book to any artist who is a rut and tell them that it will help along the way. The quotes has inspired my work! I’m not afraid of experimenting with my photographs or explore new areas of intrest.

“Everything that needs to be said has already been said. But, since no one was listening, everything must be said again.”,  This was my favorite quote it stuck with me throughout the whole book and even walking around photographing. It is so true when it comes to having things be spoken to one. The book is what has already been said but this time I was listening.


Andrew B. Myers



Andrew B. Myers

Andrew B Myers born in 1987, is a young Canadian photograoher. His work is very simplistic. He uses objects from the 1970’s and 80’s with a twist. Natural lighting, awkward flatness and negative space is what is common with his photographs. This photograph was based on “Time Flies”. I tried to get as creative with my phoyograph and still portray that simplicity and flatness. Shadows was a very important component in photographing. I used a dramatic side lighting to show and express movement through the clouds.



Self Portrait Project

P5_Self Portrait_Cardona_M_1 of 3 P5_Self Portrait_Cardona_M_2 of 3 P5_Self Portrait_Cardona_M_3 of 3

This past month I have been through a couple of scenarios where I’ve felt lost, alone and uninspired. When beginning  this self portrait project I had to do so many things. Such as, find my feelings and display a way to express them. I separated my feelings into three stages. First, the weight that is bringing me down. Second, the courage to stand up for my dreams. Last, the tranquility and accomplishment of my journey. I think I expressed my views perfectly and am very satisfied with my photographs.

MUSE Reflection


As a group there are struggles due to disagreements and diverse sense of taste. Overall there was a respectful atmosphere with the members of the group. I learned that working together is beneficial because in college and in your field of study you will need to cooperate with certain individuals. I asked a lot of my teachers and peers from different art areas and they all have positive feedback. Their responses consisted of “Great work!”, “I love the positive energy!”, “Beautiful jazz and art!”. I would love to do another student produced show and this time have more artistic statues and activities. For future student producers: it takes a lot of work to produce even a small show and it takes a large amount of time to print photographs and have students participate. But overall it is a wonderful feeling that one and several peers produced a show and got a grand reward out of it. 

Experiences in Hong Kong; Wei Leng Tay Inspired


Experiences in Hong Kong; Wei Leng Tay Inspired

Wei Leng Tay is a well known photographer who likes to discover the way people live. Her photographs express the people in their own environment, creating daily life actions that one does not realize its a routine. I noticed her lighting is exceptional and varies. Tay can create a mood and setting with her lighting and composition of the photograph. Tay was born in Singapore Hong Kong in 1978.


IMG_2239 copy

In the two next photographs I expressed the lighting that each person creates with their actions.